Mother, Ambassador, Sign

(The readings today are from the Mass of Our Lady of La Salette. Genesis 9:18-27; 2 Corinthians 5:16-20; John 19:25-27)

Three very different images appear in today’s readings: the rainbow, the role of ambassador, and Mary at the foot of the cross.

Untitled 1The same Mary who stood at the foot of her Son’s cross received from him another son, the Beloved Disciple and, along with him, all of us as her children. When she appeared at La Salette and spoke to two of her “children,” Maximin and Mélanie, she called them “my children,” not just “children” as a stranger might do. Through them she spoke to us, to all her Calvary-born children.

The same Mary who came to La Salette as an ambassador from heaven, speaks in her own words the word of St. Paul: “Be reconciled to God!” And she chose for herself the two most unlikely ambassadors imaginable, the same two ignorant children to whom she appeared, telling them to “make this known to all my people.”

Today the La Salette Missionaries, the La Salette Sisters, the La Salette Associates, La Salette Laity and other lay groups have taken on that role, in the same spirit of humility, fully aware of our own inadequacies.

The same Mary who wept over our sins and the consequences thereof, reminds us at La Salette of the covenant between God and his people – her people, too – which has been neglected and even ridiculed by those to whom it should be so precious. In the light that surrounds her, in the cross she bears, she becomes, like the rainbow, a bright “sign of the covenant.” God has always been faithful. By being faithful, in our turn, we can also become signs of the covenant.

Some of us will be predominantly “ambassadors,” actively advancing the cause of reconciliation and “making the message known” in a public way. Some of us will be more discreet “signs of the covenant.” We will quietly go about the business of reconciliation in our own little world and prayerfully support those carrying the message beyond.

All of us, however, will be children of the Beautiful Lady. It cannot be otherwise, for she came to us as our Weeping Mother.

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