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Friends of La Salette

About La Salette there is an irresistible appeal. Even the most-embittered and sin-hardened are awakened from the deadly slumber of Untitled 1spiritual indifference by the heart-rending scene of a beautiful, charming Lady, seated on a rough field-stone, on a desolate mountain-top weeping silently. Here, no hysterical sobbing, the safety-valve of uncontrolled grief and taut nerves, but only silent, restrained yet crushing sorrow of a deeply hurt mother. Each tear, like a glittering diamond, slowly pierces the hard core of ingratitude and indifference until the blood of compassion flows from the salutary wound. 

Proud heads have humbly bowed before a Weeping Mother; blasphemous tongues have been silenced; unbelievers have cried out their exultan “Credo”; obdurate sinners have become extraordinary saints; unwilling sufferers forgot their own pain and bravely smiled to console a broken mother.
The Reconciler of Sinners
The human appeal at La Salette is tremendous, but greater still the efficacy of grace, which like the ever-flowing miraculous stream, gushes forth from the Holy Mountain. To Bernadette of Lourdes, Mary gave Her name: "I am the Immaculate Conception"; to the children of Fatima Mary called herself, "The Lady of the Rosary". To Maximin and Melanie, Mary gave no name. The children simply referred to her as the "Beautiful Lady". But the name which her tongue did not frame, her silent tears eloquently expressed.  

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La Salette – A Universal Mission

Untitled-1.jpgIn many countries and in varied situations, we, the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette continue our efforts to spread the message of the Beautiful Lady and respond to the problems of the day and the evangelization efforts of the Church around the world.

Our Roots

Today our efforts continue, based on the broad vision given by Mary at La Salette as well as in response to the needs of the Church. As our mother, she was concerned for us, “her people,” and in particular for the poor and the young. Assuredly Christ, crucified and risen, takes the central place in our lives because he is the Reconciler. With Mary, we are but his humble, prayerful servants, collaborators in building his kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven.”

We fight the evils of the day which degrade human beings and can easily separate people from God. By our preaching and the various expressions of our ministry of reconciliation, we help people discover and respond to the call to follow Christ. We also assist others in listening to Jesus through their prayer, participation in the Eucharist and use of Lenten traditions to strengthen their faith.

The words of the Beautiful Lady at La Salette concerned the problems and daily concerns of her children. Our responsibility as La Salette Missionaries is to share with others the graces we ourselves have received. We simply walk in the footsteps of Mary, sharing her message of motherly concern for her people.

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A Brief Description of the La Salette Missionaries

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"Make this message known to all my people." These words were spoken by Our Lady of La Salette on September 19, 1846 to two children, maximin and Melanie, near the small town of La Salette, close to Grenoble, France.


The La Salette Crucifix with its hammer and pincers was first worn by Our Lady at the apparition at La Salette in France on Sept. 19, 1846. The hammer on the crucifix symbolizes the sins of humanity that put the nails into the hands of Jesus; the pincers symbolize the good actions we do which remove the nails from Jesus' hands.  

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