The Story of La Salette

Our Lady had appeared to two children in a wild and lonely upland of the French Alps on September 19, 1846, giving them a message for the world. When the Beautiful spoke to the astonished country boy and girl at La Salette, she asked that her words be brought to the attention of all the people. Obviously, this meant the people living in 1846 but it also meant the people of future generations – including us. We invite you to read these articles about the simple but extraordinary message and mission of Our Lady of La Salette. Read More About...

The History of La Salette

Like Our Lady in all her manifestations, is a new and living proof of God’s love for us. Her beauty is a testimony to the glory that awaits us. And, like children, we find her interest in our daily lives refreshing. We invite you to read through any of our many articles to learn more about the history of this marvelous apparition of the Beautiful Lady of La Salette and its application for today. Read More About...

La Salette
A Message and A Mission

The Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette are deeply rooted in the apparition of Our Lady, which occurred near the hamlet of La Salette in southeastern France on September 19, 1846. Today, the La Salette Missionaries spread the word of Our Lady in some 30 countries.